Fans Are Divided Over the Ending of Mockingjay

The ending of Mockingjay spoilers here!

Tough love is the phrase of the day by the end of Mockingjay. Suzanne Collins ended the war within her books with huge, fiery explosions, death traps and gunfire, that claimed the lives of many of her friends. Is this overkill? Some readers said yes, stating that for the rest of the book the ending was overly harsh. Such is war.

But will that be in the film? Even with five hours (Mockingjay will be split into two movies) there are plenty of things that will be left out of it. And one can be to dumb down or even remove entirely some of the crueler fatalities in Mockingjay. Lionsgate Studio may go for a softer ending than the books. And for once, a few critics say, that may not be such a bad thing.

mockingjay review

The movie ends on a note that’s almost more bitter than sweet. Katniss survives, but she’s been broken by the loss of her sisters and she will always have nightmares. Peeta still struggles with his murderous impulses. If nothing else the movie can still be accurate by omitting some of the gloomier thoughts that are weighing heavily in Katniss’s mind at the end.

Fortunately, the ending isn’t all doom and gloom. Looking at the big picture the world is saved, President Snow is dead, and the good guys have won. A reasonably good person, at least compared to Coin, is president. There’s just a bit too much trouble in paradise to make it an easy ending to swallow, and Lionsgate Studios can very well take liberties to give Katniss a more rewarding end after her hard day’s work.

Editor’s Note: I respect the opinion of all fans. The opinion of Mel, our contributor is posted here with no edits. We also present another viewpoint by another fan – um she is also called Mel. It’s just one of those funny coincidences. She writes here as “Mockingjay fan” to avoid confusion between the two. 😉

Actually I loved the ending of Mockingjay. This book has been very divisive among the Hunger Games fans who feel bitter over the dark parts of the book. However, I personally feel that it couldn’t have ended on a really “good” way with a perfect ending where Katniss is made president, lives a huge mansion with a full staff of 50 stylists and fashion designers with her two hot boyfriends and 6 lovely children. That was never going to happen.

I do understand that fans became really attached to Katniss and wanted the best for her. The horrible things that happened in Mockingjay were very hard to take.

In my opinion, the ending of Mockingjay is absolutely perfect in every respect. Katniss was injured. She saw and experienced terrible things. People died for her. She was the symbol of the rebellion and people killed for her and what she symbolized. That’s going to be hard to live with. She wouldn’t be Katniss if she just forgot about Prim. Katniss will be sad whenever she remembers her dead friends and family. (Heck, I’m still sad whenever I think that Finnick died and he isn’t even a real life friend!) That’s life. She will have nightmares but in the end she moved on. She even had children. I think the ending was very real and heartwarming. ~ the other Mel aka Mockingjay Fan