The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie

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The Mortal Instruments is a bestselling book series by Cassandra Clare that features Clary Fray, a teenager whose world turns upside down when her mother is attacked by a demon. Clary is rescued by Jace Wayland, a gorgeous and mysterious “Shadowhunter.”

Absolutely no spoilers here!

City of Bones
The first book and film in the Mortal Instruments Series

Since this is a no-spoiler page, there will be no details given here but you can get a general idea of what the movie is about.

At first glance Clary is just a regular girl but why is that no one could see the murder that she witnessed in the club? Who is this stunningly handsome boy? What does she and her mother have to do with demons and other supernatural stuff?

The first movie will undoubtedly serve as an introduction to all of the characters and world of The Mortal Instruments. As the trailer mentions, Shadowhunters are part human and part angel. They fight the demons and other evil creatures. There are also other types of supernatural beings in their world but humans do not know of them.

The Mortal Instruments Film Trailer

The Mortal Instruments Movie Cast

city of bones cast

A picture of the main cast.

From left to right: Robert Sheehan (Simon Lewis), Jamie Campbell Bower(Jace Wayland), Lily Collins (Clary Fray), Kevin Zegers (Alec Lightwood) and Jemima West (Isabelle Lightwood)

Lily Collins as Clary

clary actressThe books are told from the POV of Clary, a young teenaged girl who is very wholesome and rather boring at first. She fumbles her way through the story while trying to stay true to herself and her loved ones. It’s not easy when you have a lot very strong supernatural creatures after you and your friends!

The fans seem pleased at this casting choice and so am I. She looks very much like the Clary described in the books, red hair and all.

Sometimes in the trailer and in many of her photos she has the exact expression on her face that I think Clary would have -the “I don’t really know this will work and I’m sooo nervous but I am gonna try my best” sort of thing.

Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace

jace actorNow the casting for Jace has been a bit controversial among fans. The character of Jace is always described as rather “beautiful” and “gorgeous” which is not the same as handsome. He has golden blonde hair and has one small flaw – a chipped tooth. Apart from the tooth, Jace is supposedly unbelievable good-looking, so much so that he hardly seems human. 🙂

I always imagined Jace as being classically beautiful, with perfect, even features.

Here is an interesting fan discussion about the casting of Bower.

OMG! Jonathan Rhys Meyers

valentine shadowhunter

My favorite in the cast has to be Meyers. He is just so handsome and haughty-looking. In my opinion he looks absolutely perfect as the “big Bad” Valentine Morgenstern.

Meyers is the type that can charm you with his good looks but still be fanatic and crazy enough to feed you to the wolves. Great casting choice!

City of Bones: Differences Between the Book and Movie

The books are heavily into character development and romance. The movie? I expect it will focus much more on the action and supernatural elements of the series.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Release Date

The movie will be out on August 23, 2013.