Who will be Cast as President Coin?

With casting announcements having come out just before the pre-production of Catching Fire, people are already asking whose going to play President Coin. The large-as-life District Thirteen Leader in Mockingjay is not just powerful and capable. She is also manipulative, impersonal and downright nasty when it comes to it. She’s someone we agree with at certain times and, like all politicians, hate at other times.

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The Hunger Games movies have placed many high profile actors in the places of distant authority. Donald Sutherland (“Dirty Dozen”) made the perfect, quietly dangerous and poisonous President Snow in the first movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman is sure to make a likable and hatable Plutarch Heavensbee. So which actress is going to step up to their rival and enemy? Here’s a few actresses that you might find typecasted as the next President of District Thirteen.

Meryl Streep – She is regarded as one of the best actresses of all time, and often turns up on the favorites lists for anticipated roles. She recently played as Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister for the U.K. in The Iron Lady. Her roles that often recur as the strong, capable leader would fit President Coin’s easy competence perfectly.

Judi Dench – In roles both romantic, comedy and action Judi Dench has always been a tough as nails fighter, with a tongue that could flay a rock. Not all actresses can really do the “mean” that leaves you wanting more, but that’s bread and butter for Dench. She’d be able to really bring out Coin’s manipulative, ruthless side.

Sigourney Weaver – She’s another high profile actress, and has been across the board in action in Alien and Ghostbusters II. Weaver’s characters have lived in a tough world, survived tough times, and come out with their hair as flawless as it was in scene one. Star actress Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen has also mentioned Weaver’s performance as Ripley in Alien as her primary inspiration for the role.

Glenn Close – She’s played everything from the Vice President in the action thriller Air Force One, to the delightfully malicious villainess Cruella de Vil. With a smile that could kill a baby and a knack for telling people what to do, when to do it and how high to jump she could definitely be in charge of District Thirteen.

So far Lionsgate Studios has not been afraid to go big with their actor’s names, and expect them to convincingly pull off characters within the Hunger Games universe. If Lionsgate Studios keeps on walking down this same path for presidents, the audience will quikly recognize the face of the actress and quickly forget her previous roles as she steps into the formidable shoes of President Coin. So who do you want to see play President Coin? For now it’s all up in the air, and if any choices have been made the company is keeping it tightly under wraps.