Will Jennifer Lawrence Play Katniss to the End?

In the final book of the Hunger Games series, Katniss starts out in bad shape. It’s not her safety but that of Peeta that has her curled up in the fetal position, and the reader right beside her feeling her pain. However, Jennifer Lawrence has portrayed a stronger Katniss throughout the series. Many of the moments of childish vulnerability are gone. Instead of a book where things go seriously wrong, the movie feels as if it’s purposefully heading to the end of the two and a half hours.

katniss in mockingjay

However, this is a fair portrayal since Katniss’s moments of weaknesses are far and few between her strength, stubbornness and determined naivete, and much harder to squeeze in to a single movie. But it all changes for Katniss in the final one—she goes to weak, broken, and mentally deteriorate. The question is, will Lawrence be able to pull this off. And moreover, is that what the movie will aim for? The cast of Hunger Games says yes.

Katniss is no Bella Swan or even Hermione Granger. Instead of taking on a more feminine female role, Katniss is like Ripley from the horror survival movie Alien. Ripley and Katniss both embody real female power.

So what do you want? DO you want the stronger, empowered Katniss to carry through to Mockingjay and help overcome Katniss’s emotional crisis. Or do you want, like the director and cast promises, the perfectly accurate portrayal in what will be a five hour production for the final book of the series? For her part, Lawrence says